Article provided by: Needle Eye Spikes, LLC

Super Track Spikes

You may have heard about super track spikes in recent months and wondered how Super Spikes could impact your performance during track and field sports. One thing Nike is not telling you is that Super Track Spikes are only as good as the spikes. During training, if you’re spending a lot of time on the sidelines changing out spikes, you won’t be in a position to win your race. Needle Eye Spikes will give you more time on the track and less time dealing with spike issues due to the patented NES spike and spike removal tool designs.

How Needle Eye Spikes Outperforms Ordinary Spikes

Every spike shape and design is subject to one unavoidable flaw- stripping. No manufacturer has yet to design a spike that lasts forever, and until that innovation takes place, the best defense against sitting on the sideline trying to remove a stripped spike is to opt for a performance tool that can remove even severely stripped spokes. Needle Eye Spikes effectively resolves the biggest problem for athletes competing in track and field sports. Here’s how:

NES spikes are made with a hole through each spike and a spike removal tool that fits inside of the spike. A few simple twists and even deeply embedded, worn out, and stripped spikes come out in a matter of seconds. You can see NES in action when you visit Needle Eye Spikes online.

Made by an Athlete For Athletes

Other spikes are designed by companies for maximum profit; Needle Eye Spikes was borne out of frustration experienced by track and field star Orville Sweeney, who innovated a better way to enhance the performance of track spikes. NES can help you prioritize your goals to improve performance. Needle Eye Spikes are the perfect choice for athletes, coaches, and parents who are focused on leveling the competition in track and field sports.

NES For Yourself and For Others

Whether you’re an athlete looking to gain an edge or you’re a coach who is interested in providing Needle Eye Spikes to young athletes, you’ll find affordable options on the NES website, including bulk order discounts. On our site, you’ll also find training merchandise, videos showcasing NES products, and additional resources, all designed to help you make the most of our products. Once you see how Needle Eye Spikes work and how they’ll eliminate the constant frustration of having to remove stripped and damaged spikes, you’ll become a believer in NES.

Better Than Super Track Spikes

You’ll get the complete Needle Eye Spikes Kit for $24.95 for a limited time, which includes a full set of spikes and the unique spike removal tool that only works with our spikes. Other spike manufacturers claim to have solved the problem of stressful spike issues, but only Needle Eye Spikes has effectively designed a product that works 100% of the time, always in seconds.

Use our website’s Web Chat to speak with a product specialists now or order Needle Eye Spikes today to take advantage of our affordably-priced spike and spike removal tool kit.